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Awards --- Group 7: Closeup of a micrometer - - - original photo from Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live

Awards -Group 7


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DH-Online Top Award DH-Online Top Award


Ashinae's Award for excellent Homepages

Your site is fantastic � it's so professional looking!  Well organized, quite awesome. Wow.

Ashinae's Award for Excellent Homepages


Dr. Serra's Fire Award Dr. Serra's Fire Award

Your page is very witty, with perfect and practical use of HTML and simple but at the same time stunning graphics.   The content of your page is a valuable resource for everyone. Your page reflects the true intelligence that you have inside you, and I like to see that in a persons page. More people should make good use of the web like you do.


Southern Nytes Award of excellence

Southern Nytes Award of Excellence


GMG's The Best of the Ring Award GMG's The Best of the Ring Award


Petkat's Cool Award

We loved your site. The hard work and creativity shines through!

Petkat's Cool Award


i Buster Likes it Award Buster Likes it Award


Bravo! Award from Celebration of Oneness

award one cannot apply for

Bravo! Award from Celebration Of Oneness


Audrey's Out of This World Award! Audrey's Out of This World Award!


Lesley's Award for Homepage excellence

Lesley's Award for Homepage Excellence


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I use this circle graphic to link to the award's winners list with my award listed and a link back to my site.
The small circle is a link to the award's winner's list.  These links take you to the part of the other site that links back to me (hence, the circle!).

Award Sites! Rating of 4.0
The small stars indicate the Award Rating by Award Sites!  In addition the stars link to the Award Sites!  website.  The rating is from one star to five stars in half-star increments. (see www.AwardSites.com)

This awards site is gone or no longer issues such awards.

The red X indicates that the site is either gone or no longer issues these awards (e.g., perhaps because the prior owner of the domain is no longer the owner.) In such a case, the award title and the graphic link to a "holding page" that explains the situation.

Awards --- AllAwards � All the Awards: This page has all my awards, graphics, text, the whole shebang. It takes the longest to load and is the most fun to look at. (Actually, it is beginning to take just shy of an eternity to load. Of course, if you have an ISDN or cable modem connection . . . .) If you choose this page, there is almost no reason to look at the other awards pages. Note that because some browsers "time out", you may need to click on an individual award image to force it to load to your browser.  ����

Awards --- ListAwards � The Awards List: This page is exactly the same as the "All the Awards" page. But it has no pictures. It has the award name, comments and a link to their award site. If also has links to the Group pages.  ����

Awards � The Alphabetical ListAwards � The Alphabetical List: This page is an alphabetical listing of my site awards with links to their individual awards pages.  ����

The extra text menu links (previously here) are being removed in the site redesign.
Browser and search engine improvements have eliminated the motivation/necessity for them.

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