Awards: Closeup of a micrometer - - - original photo from Microsoft Office Design Gallery Live


Hey! Everyone wants their site to win awards. (At least those with non-commercial hobby websites do.) I'm not the exception. I'm proud of my awards.

A Bit Out Of Date

I stopped applying for awards some years ago so these awards are "old". The result is that many of the awarding sites have disappeared. I link those awards to a page showing the original URL and noting that disappearance. Many of the others which still exist no longer issue awards, so you should keep that in mind too.

Split Up, Or Together?

I used to have them all on one page and then the page got to be just a bit big. I began to get, well, not exactly "complaints" but certainly "animated comments" about the time it was taking.

But, when I began to split them up into separate page, others "commented" that they liked them better all together. They wanted to be able to see them all without having to click and click. So, I've decided to show my awards:
all on one page, and in groups of ten on multiple pages, and in a complete list without pictures.That way you can choose how you would like to see the awards.


One little caveat. Although I avoid animated GIFs on the rest of my site, I permit them on my awards pages. The person giving me the award went to the trouble of creating the animated award. It seems only courteous to show the animation.

Linking to Links That Link Back

In addition to linking to the awards site, I link to the award's winners lists with a small circle (I use this circle graphic to link to the award's winners list with my award listed and a link back to my site.). These links take you to the part of the other site that links back to me (hence, the circle!).

Linking to Links That Are Gone

I am now periodicly reviewing the links to the sites that issued the award. For links that no longer work (because the linked award site is gone), and for linked sites that have abandoned their awarding history ... these are labeled with a red "X"(I use this "X"  graphic to note that the awarding site is now gone). If the linked award site is gone, these links will now take you to a page that (a) explains that the award site is gone but (b) which also tells you the URL of the original link (see here for example ???).

Awards Ratings

If the award is rated by Award Sites! (part of Focus Associates), I show the Award Rating using small stars (Award Sites! Rating). Their rating is from one star to five stars in half-star increments.

Real Awards

Every single one of these awards is "real". Some sites have an award you get by just going to the site and picking it up. Others give an "award" just for signing their guestbook. One I found gives out an award using an autoresponder to anyone who writes! These "awards" have their very own section (called Dubious Awards)! (See the bottom of the page.)

That doesn't say that all of these awards are "exclusive". Some are "easier" to receive than others.

Still, I am proud of and value each and every one and thank the gracious owner for honoring my site.

Finding an Award

I've listed, on this page, each award group, and all the awards shown in that group. One way to find a particular award is to use the "find" feature of your browser to search for the name. When you find it, you will know what page it appears on.

I also have a page that lists all the site awards in alphabetical order.


Finally, for my visitors who are looking for resources to help them either win awards or give awards, I've added an Awards Resources page.