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Aviation and Space

I participate in a variety of affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs use other people's websites to advertise. If you "click" through that ad and buy something, the website owner gets paid.

I use these monies to defer some of my expenses for operating this website.

Affiliate Program Policy

I have a strong affiliate program policy. For example, I fully disclose my affiliate relationships and provide alternate non-affiliate links. For more information, including links to all my affiliate programs, see my Affiliates Page.

Monitoring My Affiliates

I also request that everyone help me to monitor my affiliates. For full details, see my Affiliates Page.

A Personal Note

If you click these links to buy something, the company is supposed to pay me a little money for the "referral". But please don't think that buying something is necessary or even expected. I am not trying to "convince you". I provide my website "just 'cause". Please feel no obligation at all to use these links. Only buy if you want to.

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