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This page began as a tiny resource page for people looking for information regarding the terrorist attack on America.

In the aftermath of the tragedy so many of us wanted to "do something".

Those of us with websites found ourselves creating a page to remember and perhaps to try to assist.

This page, will now slowly become a page more about remembering than assisting.


My Thoughts

We grieve. We mourn. We move on. But we will never forget.

The United States of America is wealthy. We have many material things which the rest of the world does not. But our singular most precious possession is our freedom, our liberty, our ability to be, as individuals, free and independent beings.

If we permit terrorism to steal that, we have lost. If we trade our precious liberty for a little more safety, the terrorists have won.


This page created:
before Wed, 12.Sep.2001

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21:02, Thu, 01.May.2014


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